Working Dogs 

Working dogs are currently used for a variety of security tasks: detection of explosives / narcotics, patrol dogs, public safety, search and rescue missions and many more.

Working with dogs optimizes the security system, saves time in performing complex operations, and in other words - makes it easier and more professional.

We provide trained and untrained dogs ( "green dogs"). 

Our dogs are trained according to the needs of the client.

Every one of our dogs undergoes rigorous character tests before beginning their training period. 

The dogs are in excellent medical condition.


The goal of our courses is to impart knowledge and practical experience.

The course consists of lessons, lectures, demonstrations, training and real-life simulations, which will enable the trainees to verify the theoretical study and carry out practice that simulates real situations for the dog handler teams.

We believe that good basic training is one of the keys to success. Therefore each trainee gets training by professional and experienced instructors. 

  • Establishing new units from planning level to final level

  • Building K9 unit facilities

  • Upgrade your k-9 unit, for enlarging existing units:

  • Raise the professional level of operational units:

  • Writing annual work training programs for handlers and dogs; 

  • We carry-out surveys of existing units, in order to understand the level of the units and prepare a recommendation report; 

  • We carry out surveys for new units, in order to understand the client’s specific needs. 



Canis K9 Projects is a company that specializes in consulting for new and existing K9 units.
We have vast experience in building K9 units, providing education and training services for working dogs, handlers and more.
The company was founded by Ariel Kornblit, a former commander of the IDF canine combat unit "OKETZ" with 20 years of experience in field,
planning, developing and leading k9  projects in Israel and around the world. 
Providing consulting, training and professional services to operational teams for various security organizations in Israel and abroad.


Patrol Dogs 

Explosives/Weapons  Detection dog (EDD)

Search and Rescue 

Special Forces

Narcotic Detection Dogs 

Border Crossing 





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